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 ShellWizard Pro v2.0

Type of Program: Desktop Management
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company/Author: Per Mellstrand
Version: 2.0
Cost: $15.00
Installed size: 1.80Mb
Download Size: 1798k
Download Site:

Are you one of those people who've just downloaded a million and one utilities to get Windows 95 to behave the way you want it to? Stop fretting and searching for now, ShellWizard does more than meets the eyes, and then some. This is one of those programs where judging its' features by name alone is not enough.

ShellWizard consists of six major wizards to ease your comfort of configuring your system:
1. Explorer Wizard changes how Explorer settings. Example: appearance of Shortcuts.
2. System Wizard changes Windows 95 system settings. Example: removing unused file types, add/remove/edit `automatic uninstall' program names from the Control Panel.
3. Splash Screen Wizard removes some of those annoying `startup' screens. ShellWizard comes with four definition files ready to work. If you have need to remove even more than what's available, the Plugin Wizard can guide you step by step in creating your own files. The Online Manual is a perfect starting point for simple, yet complete information.
4. Cool Wizard allows you to set some of your personal preferences like your desktop wallpaper. Included during a `Typical' installation are a few bitmaps to choose from.
5. Plus! Wizard strives to meet MS PLUS! in changing more options, and it does an excellent job in those demands.
6. ShellWizard Classic has more tabs to choose from you almost do not know where to start. Use the Classic Wizard to modify more advanced settings. Example: Windows Registration Data, File Associations and Types.

Even if you are a user of MS Plus!, ShellWizard will automatically detect it on your system. ShellWizard does include features that emulate MS Plus!, and it can configure some settings that may already be in use.

Instead of using multiple programs to configure your system, give ShellWizard a try. You have 20 days to evaluate the program. If you find it most worthy of continuous use, register it. You can receive ShellWizard Support in either of three languages, German, English and Swedish, via email to:

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:


Registering: Online Registration through the program itself will connect to your browser and go to the ShellWizard Registration site. Payment also through Snail Mail: Per Mellstrand
Tvarhands gr 4
S-39363 Kalmar
Do Not send Money Orders or International Cheques. Email to Author for best method, if unsure.

Reviewed by Cynthia V. Lehmann

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