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Type of Program:Calculator
Supported Platforms:Win 95
Authors Name:Mark Chatters
Installed Size:300k


The author describes this program as "a free 32-bit calculator with a tape window." Yep, that’s what it is. But there is simply too much missing to actually make it useful, tape window or no tape window. The calculator doesn’t perform any advanced mathematical functions; it doesn’t even handle percentages. An abacus would be more helpful. Additionally, there are few keyboard shortcut so, for example, one can clear the tape only via the pull-down menu, which is a real inconvenience when it comes to this frequently used function. Also, it would be nice to see a small accessory like this reside in the traybar for easy access, but no such luck with this one.

On the positive side, the standard Windows 95 install-shield program makes installation a snap, although multiple icons strangely appear in the start menu. What is does do, it does quickly and without bugs. It has several handy options such as "on top," "hide tape" and format calculations in "currency" mode, which is probably what you’ll be using the program for the most. Although there is no website or e-mail address to go to if your question isn’t answered, the help file seems to cover all the bases. If all you really want to do is add up a column of numbers, there’s no question that it is nice to have a tape window, especially one that can easily be printed or copied to another file. Finally, the price can’t be beat.

In summary, this program starts with a good idea with its tape window, but needs more functionality to be truly useful.

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Reviewed by Shoshana Schiller

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