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File Shredder

Type of program: File Spliting
Supported platforms:Win 95/NT 4
Author's name: Kazusho Oenoki
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 3.0
Cost: free
Installed size: 596 KB


I'm always finding files that are too big for a 3.5 disk, especially zip files. And it never works when I try to span a zip file; guess they don't like being zipped twice. If you install, and then zip the program on multiple disks, it probably won't work later, cause the system files got away. Or sometimes just one file in a folder is too big, and you wanted to save it. Here's your solution in one small file. This program was great a while back when I reviewed it, but some people never stand still. So they have come out with a new version, with new features. If you had the old version, or you've run into the size problem before, this program is a must! [and ANYONE that recognizes my name should know I DON'T review utilities]

Don't forget, if you have the old version of shredder, you MUST delete the old version before installing 3.0 The new version will not overwrite, which is mentioned in a text file in the program folder; however, I'm sharing this little tip with you cause I learned it the hard way.

There are several new features, such as drag & drop instead of using a dialog box, new status bar, support of large drives, [use it with FAT32] command line argument, [don't ask me what that means, I usually review games-but there is something in tips about it], a pop-up menu that makes it easier to e-mail the author, and the one I like the best-fill entire disk option. Before you would chose how many pieces to break it into, so if the file was just a little too big, you'd use half of 2 disks. Now you have a fill entire disk option, which means that you can put something on the second disk, instead of having 2 small free spaces.

Program is very easy to use, chose your options, click ok, and it's done. When you're ready to reassemble, just click on the bat file that shows up with your shredded pieces and it puts it together for you. Best of all, with the bat file, you can send somebody a shredded file and they don't need to have Shredder in order to put it together. How can you not put Shredder on your computer?!?!

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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