Signature Generation Program
Version 2d
Revision /6/95
Installed 1,851,397 bytes
Additional S/ware Required [vbrun 300.dll]


This bloke,Ian Bagley,has spent a lot of time and effort on this program, at first I nearly didn`t pull it down for an appraisel,but I glad I did. This program would be very useful if you are in some sort of club and you`ve been landed with your clubs "News Letter" Editors job. Or you have a small business and would like to polish up your letterheads or posters.

In this program you can select character sets or make up your own,it has a character set editor for any trimming or blunders,[perish the thought],you may have.It has a very natty bonding feature for character sets you create that is very smart indeed, and is very affective to the finished product.

I haven`t got another signature program to compare this with for you folk, but I feel you won't be disappointed if you take the time to pull it down and have a look for yourself.By the way, Ian Bagley offers free registration to all comers as this freeware, All he asks is the courtesy of your comments which you can send direct to him at: "EMAIL"-


Pentium 75 Performance:
16mg Ram User friendly
Dos 6.2.2 Installation
Win`3.1 Support

Reviewed by: John E Richards

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