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Type of Program:Author's promotion utility
Supported Platforms:Win95.WinNT
Company/Authors Name:Lincoln Beach Software
Installed Size:1Mb


There are plenty of software solutions to getting your web site promoted. However, if you are a software author you need more than web site visitors. It is vital that you get your software mentioned in the various shareware and software listing sites on the Net. That can involve tedious work with search engines, Notepad and lists, or a ten minute breeze with SiteTrak.

Managing a shareware listing site can also involve hours of cutting, pasting, getting missing information for authors and getting rid of junk mail sent to the submission address. Or it can be a ten minute job setting up the template, and then let the free import tool from SiteTrak take the submissions for you.

I gave SiteTrak a real test - I invented a software package that goes to work for you, so you can stay home and surf (I wish..) The screens I had to complete in SiteTrak were simple, giving my company name and details and all the information about the software itself only took five minutes. SiteTrak has been careful to include all the information review sites insist on, so you cannot go wrong.

Then I launched the Distribution Centre, and selected which sites I wanted to advise about my software. For a real app I could have used the full list - you get five with the shareware version but can manually add as many as you like - but for my purpose I used Shareware Junkies and a fake submission site which was in fact me. I deliberately used Junkies because we do not have email submission, only form based.

It worked beautifuly - my fake submission site received a mail within a few minutes giving full details of my spoof software in a professional manner, the layout is neat and the content so comprehensive any shareware site would post it immediately. And SiteTrak kindly provided a print out of the sites that do not accept mail submissions, so that I could pop over and fill the form in (copying and pasting from my SiteTrak files to save stacks of time)

SiteTrak keeps a log of every submission - no problem with multiple mails by mistake, which would annoy the shareware sites. If I change the version number it will resubmit, and I could also mark the Junkies Site as "success" after I had filled in the form. You can promote as many software packages as you like.

SiteTrak really is an ESSENTIAL tool for shareware authors. With it thay can promote their hard work all over the Internet - the registered version has over 100 popular sites listed - without spending too much time. An author needs to spend his valuable time working on software, not researching promotion. SiteTrak is an automated promotions expert, it will do all the hard work and organising for the author, and leave him or her free to concentrate on their programming.

There is a free logo and link system available for Shareware sites too, to encourage authors to use SiteTrak. With it the shareware sites gets a FREE import tool, which means no more tedious cutting, pasting and editing - instead the submissions are consistent, neat, comprehensive and automatic! What could be easier? And it costs nothing - the import tool is free to shareware site webmasters

Registration provides a listing of over 100 sites, and takes the message off the mails about the submission being made with an unregistered version of SiteTrak. You can buy it using a secure connection from the Lincoln Beach website.

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