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Small Business Inventory Control

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Type of Program:Inventory Control
Supported Platforms:Win95
Company Name:RyTech Software
Installed Size:3.3 Mb


Small Business Inventory Control 3.0 is the newest release and there has been a complete overhaul of this nice program for keeping track of all your inventory needs.

Aside from the great new look, SBIC 3.0 manages all your inventory, sales, ordering and receiving quite easily. But what makes the program even better is the ability to customize it to your exact needs. You can add/delete or modify any of your reports or projects whenever needed, you can add new customers or delete old customers from your database and SBIC 3.0 monitors all the reports automatically.

Keeping track of inventory is a boring, tedious job. Keeping track of that plus vendors, customers, itemized tracking and reports makes the job even more tedious and must be "on target" to see your "bottom line." Take a look at SBIC 3.0 and see if it doesn't meet your needs. See if it doesn't make managing your inventory much easier!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by The King

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