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Smart 'n Sticky

Type of Program:Label Printing Program
Supported Platforms:Windows All
Company Name:Oakley Data Services,
Version #:1.2
Installed Size:502k
Where can this program be downloaded:

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I found this program very handy, it is very easy to use, and changing fonts on labels and
business cards is a breeze, this program is so small I run it from floppy and there is enough room
left on the floppy to save label designs.
It is Great for floppy labels, business cards, even party invites (use custom label size) the price is the only drawback $34.00

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Tony McGregor
You can purchase your full copy of Smart 'n Sticky by Phone, Fax, Mail or E-Mail. If you have a CompuServe account you can also order via the SWREG service. The SWREG ID for Smart 'n Sticky is 5474
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