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Snadboys TopDesk

Type of Program:Desktop Utility
Supported Platforms:Win 95
Authors Name:Snadboy
Installed Size:270k


This is not your Microsoft TopDesk, no this the good one. This is the program that has really made the way I use my system easy. Instead of having to go through layer upon layer of open programs just to get back to your desktop, use TopDesk. It puts an icon in your taskbar, then when clicked, shows in alphabetic order all of the programs on your desktop. Scroll to one and click it is open.

There are two reasons to use this program as opposed to any other. The first is that with the programs in alphabetic order they are really easy to find. The other is that if you use the optional animated icon you can tell when your system is hung real easy.

This is a really useful program. Run, don't walk to snadboy,com!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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