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Snapshot 95

Type of Program: Graphics Viewer and Organiser
Supported Platforms: Win95, Windows NT
Author's Name: Patrick Schallier
Version: 1.0
Price: $20 US
Installed Size: 2141 KB


Snapshot is a very user-friendly, easy-to-use program. It enables you to view and organise your graphics files in "trunks", handy descriptive directories you create yourself within the program. When Snapshot runs, a clear and simple window appears. It has a self-explanatory menu bar and a genuinely helpful "help" file. When your chosen thumbnail graphic appears in the program's window, you can right click on it and automatically move it to the Windows clipboard. You can then call it up in any graphics editing program to work with it.

You can also create a slideshow with Snapshot, either manually or time-delayed. The "list" button enables you to create a custom production using your favourite graphics. F3 opens a midi control box and you can even play music with your pictures.

Multiple graphics can be displayed simultaneously, both tiled and cascaded, with the SnapShot command.

Snapshot is great for gathering up all those random images you have on your hard drive and putting them into a customised, organised order that you can really appreciate.

The only drawbacks to this program are minor. When you are viewing your graphics in slideshow mode full-screen, it can be difficult to see your mouse pointer. While in the trunk function, which enables you to give a selection of files a unique name--a shortcut--there is no clear exit procedure on this screen. You have to hit Escape to get out. It doesn't take an Einstein to get around these minor inconveniences, however.

Snapshot is a great little program, a fine value for the money. Get it!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Support : Not reviewed
Reviewed by Connie King

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