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Super NoteTab

Type of Program:notepad replacement plus!
Supported Platforms:WIN95/NT
Authors Name:Eric G.V. Fookes
Price:FREEWARE, Pro version $5
Installed Size: 910kb


Super NoteTab is a 32 bit replacement for the limited Windows Notepad and Wordpad. I have been using it since V2.0 and I think it is excellent.

Firstly, it loads smoothly and you have total control over location and start menu preferences. Then it sits quietly on your drive and does not interfere with anything, it does not force itself onto your file associations, the Registry remains empty of junk and it never ever crashes, freezes or upsets any other programme.

So from all that we can conclude it is well written. It is also filled with features which anyone would find irresistible. Frankly I just cannot do justice to them all here, Junkies are limited in how much space we can use! So I will describe one of the more unusual ones, an optional side panel display called the Clipbook. This is a set of templates for text or phrases you use regularly, which you can add to the text you are writing by a double click. Clipbook comes with a selection of smilies, (did you know :-| means have an ordinary day?!),two lists of HTML tags, every acronym for Internet-speak which IMHO is very handy, a list of colours which when clicked on add the right RBG code for a web page, and a launch list of favourite apps that you can configure however you like. If you use a lot of engineering, accounting or other specialist terms, put them in here and never again type them out in full. I have already created a template with my email and home page URL, my address, various system configurations and the stars you see below. Talk about a time saver! It is a little bit like the Microsoft Auto text feature, but made simple and easy to use with a small file size, total customization ability and no messing with your system. The author has a list of templates created by various users on his site, to add to this already invaluable feature.

Support is superlative and includes a simply written and in depth Help file, stacks of advice on the web site, and a set of FAQ to help you make SNP your default editor if you want it to be. (Only if you WANT it to be. Mr. Gates please note)

The interface is uncrowded and intuitive, navigation through the various documents loaded is done by a set of neat tabs showing the document title. For writers and students the word count is a good feature, for web page authors the browser view and clipboard are invaluable. The Favourites function allows the user to create a list of documents regularly accessed and the programme even politely remembers the position and size you used it at last time and assumes the same position next time you launch.

A Super Note Pad? Yes, that is exactly what it is!

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Sue Abbott
Super Note Tab is freeware, incredibly enough. There is a version with extra features including a spell
check, available from the sole distributors:

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