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Space Ace

Type of Program:Utility
Supported Platforms:Windows 95
Authors Name:Rich Levin
Price:$49 to register
Installed Size:probably over 2.5 megs


Shareware junkies will LOVE this program! We who download by the carload (and often delete by the "ton") don't know how much "junk" is left behind. Even just using some of our "normal" programs (word processor, spreadsheet, browser, etc. etc)creates junk we are not even aware of! And even if we know which files to look for, who has the time and expertise to locate and delete all those files wasting room on your hard disk drive?

Run Space Ace and it completely and safely scrubs your hard disk clean of virtually all system-generated junk. Space Ace also locates temporary, orphaned, and dynamically regenerated data files other disk management tools miss.

The first time I ran Space Ace I reclaimed over 6,500,000 bytes of wasted space! Getting "out of disk space" error messages? Run this program and you might just find enough free space to keep your system running.Crashed? Run Space Ace and it will find and remove those orphan files that clutter your HDD. Used in tandem with Scan disk your HDD will be "clean" and in good repair.

The program download is about 2147KB. The self extracting file is a breeze to set up. It installs into a directory of its own using up about 616MB. I am sure it adds files to Windows but I wasn't fast enough to catch that.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: support is available from the author via e-mail
Reviewed by B. Marks

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