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Spam Exterminator

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Type of Program: Anti-Spam
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: Unisyn Software, LLC
Version: 3.2b
Price: free to try/$27.95
Installed size: 3.06 M


No more $$$XXXobnoxious$$$UNSOLICITED$$$junk email$$$XX!!!!

Say goodbye to all those spammers whose cyber garbage clogs your inbox. Spam Exterminator has every angle covered to keep the junk out. This powerful anti-spam program scans for a list of over 17,500 known "spammers," and gives you online updates as new ones emerge -- like viruses, right? If that's weren't enough, Spam Exterminator also has a huge set of pre-loaded "rules" that identify and block email bearing the tell-tale symptoms of spam -- like headings with LOTS OF CAPITALS and !!!!!!! and $$$$ and ........ You get the idea. And you can add rules and additional offending domain names of your own.

Spam Exterminator works with any POP3 mail client, and works great with multi-account client configurations , such as with Outlook Express. All you do is put in the ISP and email program information for the account(s) you want protected, and Spam Exterminator will scan at the time intervals you select. It can be set to scan automatically or manually, and can give you a preview of mail held on your ISP server before asking it to launch your email client. You never have to even look at spam.

And if keeping the bad guys out weren't enough, you can have Spam Exterminator automatically send a "Dear John" letter to the offender's domain administrator -- either the program's default letter, or one you can dream up by yourself. Sweet revenge.

(And if you have friends who like to use $$$ or !!! or things like that in their email headings, never fear. You can even keep a "friends" list to make sure you get mail from certain names no matter HOW OFFENSIVE they are. They're your friends, after all.....)

One reminder: Spam Exterminator works with POP3 email, so if you're using AOL or CompuServe, your proprietary email support is not compatible with this program.

It's a very effective program, well organized, and well supported with a good help files, and excellent customer support. The price given above is well worth it, but there's a "super pack discount" if you buy Spam Exterminator along with MacroMagic and Safety Scan. (These products are also reviewed here at SharewareJunkies.) You can try it free for 30 days, completely functional, with a reminder screen. Online credit-card orders can be made at the product's web site.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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