Type of Program:Spell checker
Supported Platforms:Win 31., WIN95
Authors Name:Next Generation Software, Inc.
Price: $9
Installed Size:1.47MB


This functional little programme checks your spelling, in any document you are working on such
as a plain text, a mail,or a page of HTML. Launch it,and leave it minimised as you work on your
text. Then right click on the SpellCheck icon, and tell it to check the document in the current
window. And it does. It suggests words to replace misspellings, and it allows you to add to the
custom dictionary, so that eventually you will build up a spellchecker that has a full
dictionary for your kind of work, even with a technical vocabulary. Once the spell check is
done, it quietly puts itself away again on the task bar, and you can carry on typing.

It has other features which allow it to "grab" a message in AOL, CompuServe and Eudora, plus a
lot of other packages. I found no need to use these features, a simple right click was quick,
easy and took seconds to do. It is American, so like all Americans it cannot spell some words,
the "add to custom dictionary" function took care of that problem. It also offers to add your
custom dictionary from MS Word, if you have one. It was regrettably unable to do that for me, I
got a file not found message. To be fair to SpellCheck, I use Office 97 and the custom
dictionary is in a different location from previous Word versions, however it would have been
nice if the user was given an opportunity to point the programme at the right folder.

It politely reminds you it is a shareware programme every now and then , and offers to provide
full registration information if you wish. It is fully functional.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sue Abbott
SpellCheck can be purchased by cheque or credit card, using the addresses and information supplied with the product. It costs $9 to register and free upgrades are
available to registered users.

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