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Search and Replace for Windows

Type of Program: Utility/File
Supported Platforms: Windows 95, Windows NT
Company Name: Funduc Software Inc.
Version: 2.86
Price: $25 ($20 by postal mail)
Installed Size: 540K


After looking far and wide for an economical but effective UNIX grep utility for Windows 95, I stumbled upon Search and Replace and paid for it immediately. This is an excellent utility for find and replace operations involving regular expressions. Search and Replace performs recursive directory searches, filters files to be searched by modification date and size, and even looks inside file archives (zip files, etc). Toggles are provided to enable or disable case sensitivity, match whole words, save backup copies of modified files, prompt on replace, etc.. Results are displayed in a scrollable window, along with a configurable set of result stats.

One extremely handy feature of Search and Replace is the ability to remember recent search string, replace string, file mask, and path settings, selected from a pull-down list of configurable length. This feature makes repetitive operations a breeze, and is great for those of us who can never quite remember regular expression syntax. (The extensive on-line help also comes in handy!) Even better is the scripting feature, which automates a sequence of search or replace requests for subsequent use. A touch feature is available to update file modification dates. Search and replace strings are not limited to text - a binary dialog feature is available to enter those "unprintable" characters.

There are some functional limitations to the unregistered version. Registration entitles you to free support and updates for six months. I've already received and installed one such update, and can vouch for the ease with which Funduc's patches are applied to installed software. If you choose to download this utility and register it, remember there is a discount available when paying by check via postal mail.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Lisa Phifer

Payment accepted by credit card via web site, fax, or phone. On-line: By Fax: (813) 526-2924 By Phone: (800) 500-0326 By Check: Funduc Software Inc., P.O. Box 530904 Livonia, MI 48153

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