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Screen Saver Switch/Plus

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Type of program: Screen Saver controls/utilities
Supported platforms: Win95 WinNT
Company/Author's name: AWS/Aaron J. Margosis
Version: 4.5
Cost: $15
Installed size: 262 KB


What a delightful program "Aaron Writes Software" was something I saw in the help file. Well Aaron can write software for me any day! [Matter of fact, maybe he can do something to end the registry nightmare] cause this guy is good. When it falls open, oops I means installs, [so smooth] 4 little buttons pop up above the taskbar on the far right side. Thats it! you don't have to put anything in the start menu-nothing. Hold the pointer over the button and it volunteers its name, click it and its done. the 1st button starts the screen saver now without waiting whatever time you have set up. The second button stops the screen saver so melt down doesn't occur while you were downloading, and went for a beer, and it shows a slash across the little screen, so you can't forget your status. The third one takes you to a box looks almost like that spot in control panel you should have visited before you started that download, or before you started defrag. While there you can change screen savers, with a small box constant preview, or you can change to a full screen preview, you can access settings change the delay, access low-power standby, or shut off monitor, you can even few info about each screen saver.

The last button surprised me, cause I didn't know other people had times the taskbar wouldn't show up. When you hit it you can shutdown, restart computer, logoff, restart Win95, or exit to dos even has a tiny help file all of its own, for those that are so overwhelmed by how easy it is, they forgot what they were doing. No muss, no fuss, no dragging; it appears to be Stormy-proof, I haven't been able to fold, bend or mutilate it-it just WORKS!

God, I hate utilities, you need them; but like tax forms, most are in an unknown language; I only wish I could find the other necessary evils of life, you know the hard drive savers, this easy to use and understand.

A must!

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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