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Type of Program: ISP connectivity utility
Supported Platforms: WIN95/NT
Company Name:Orvonton Products, Inc
Installed Size:32Kb


Connectivity software works by sending an irregular signal down to the ISP, to remind them you are still online. ISPs do not like them, as they stop the automatic disconnection of accounts that do not seem to be doing anything, and thus are wasting their expensive bandwidth. They forget you may be surfing and have stopped to read something, or download a file. Personally I am not keen on them either, most of the ones I have tried tend to mess up my downloading or clash with moody old MSIE4.

I decided to give StealthPing the ultimate trial - a Friday night and most of Saturday spent on the Net. Installing it was simple and quick, and it lets you choose your folder. It launches from the start button, and sits on your taskbar.There are various settings for timing the "pings" but the best is Stealthmode, which prevents the ISP from picking up on the fact you are using a Ping facility.

I launched StealthPing at 9pm on Friday, and stayed online until 1am. No disconnections at all - I usually get one or two on Friday nights. At 9am Saturday I started my search for a particular piece of clip-art I need, stopping here and there to look at things of interest. I ran through a list of a dozen websites, did two downloads, copied several images onto my hard drive and uploaded a new page onto my web site. I also downloaded the latest version of MIRC, wrote and received some mails and uploaded a new page onto my site.

I stopped now and then to put washing on, prepare breakfast, make coffee, or just take a break and whilst away from the PC left it connected. All together I was online from 9am to 3pm, I would normally have suffered at least half a dozen disconnections during that time. With StealthPing not ONCE did my connection drop! Not even at 2pm when the Americans came on line.

So - StealthPing works. And without messing up a download, an upload, a long surf or mail transfers. It got on well with MSIE4, the file size is tiny, there was no change in transfer speeds and no bugs -altogether an excellent utility and great value for money. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

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Reviewed by Sue Abbott (

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