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Type of Program: Creates a configurable Utility button bar on your taskbar.
Supported Platforms: Win95/NT4.xx
Company Name: ChaoSoft
Version: 4.02a
Price: 1 user =$ 29.95
Installed Size: 1,533,060Kb


To install, unzip the file in a temp folder, run the setup.exe file and bob's your uncle. You can delete the folder afterwards. To un-install, the standard Win95 procedure should be followed, control panel, add/remove programs, etc. This program creates additional buttons on your taskbar namely, Stepup, Folder Navigation, Shut Down and CD-Rom auto run and to make it very versatile this button bar can be customized to suite your needs.. Each of these buttons has various functions for example, from the Stepup button you can, Run, Open, Handle, Explore, Manage, etc. your files or drives. Some nice features are the Windows 3.1 interface you get when you run the Program Manager or being able to access your registry by using the Registry Editor. With the folder navigation button you can create a menu of all the frequently used folders you use and even here there are various settings. The Shut Down Button has a similar function as the Win95 Shutdown facility and there is even more! The help is substantial and easy to understand. Although this is a shareware version it is fully operational with no time-out, etc. and if you require more info there are the Readme and Order text files to browse through.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Billy Armstrong

Refer to the Order.txt File for numerous ways in purchasing this software.
All major credit cards are supported as well as checks, money orders, etc.

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