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Type of Program: Compression Utility [ Zip/Unzip ]
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: Integratech Software
Version: 1
Price: Freeware/adware
Installed Size: 2.26 MB


New to surfing and downloading? Just want things to work without that STEEP learning curve that we face when we are new to computers and the internet? Wish things were as simple as getting into your new car and driving off? Well so do I. The folks at Integratech Software want the same thing and made a very nice compression utility for you. Just download, install, read the simple tutorial [ yes, its free too ] and use. Now hold on, Robin, you are saying. How can something be free, good and easy to use? Well, folks, its through the magic of advertising. We get nice TV shows and have to watch a few commercials to pay for the privilege. Same here. Adware has commercials included that change sometimes when you get online. Its a great way to get what you want on a budget, free. My review of another fine product, WebTurbo, mentioned this. One of the best things about the internet is all the fabulous software you can have, called freeware, or the try-before-you-buy kind, called shareware. Lots of the programs today are self-extracting, they have a built in extraction process. Some of the fine software is in the zip format, though and needs to be unzipped. Here is where the compression utility comes in and where SuperZip shines. When you download a zipped file, SuperZip grabs it and extracts the file for you. You don't need a computer degree either. Just read the tutorial. Are there more powerful utilities out there? Of course. Do people new to the net need them? Probably not. Would an intermediate user need them? Probably not . Advanced users might. Now, y'all rush on over to this site and snag a fine free utility, then drop me a note if you liked what you got. I have 2 homepages listed at the address below. Robin's Notes is the one that tells some things I am learning while doing and can help newcomers with downloading. Later, I will have more tips. Good luck, and happy zipping!

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Reviewed by Robin Hall

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