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Type of Program: Utility - Sys Info
Supported Platforms: Win 95/NT
Company Name: Advanced personal systems -
Version: 2.44
Price: US$ 29.00
Installed Size: 320-KB


How well do you know what's inside your PC? Do you know what kind of UART is on your serial port? Do you know which chip set your video card uses, or who manufactured your hard disk? Odds are you don't. If you want answers to those questions and far more, then SysChk is for you. This Sherlock Holmes of the shareware world snoops under your system's hood and gives you a complete rundown on what you have. Despite its sophistication, it's a very easy program to use. Here is some of the things it will tell you, Computer model type including manufacturer if known, Micro Processor including the Intel Pentium(tm) and Cyrix, Detection of the older Pentium that had a floating point bug, Complete IRQ listing including usage and availability, Math Coprocessor type, Microsoft Windows setup information, Info on ISA, PCI, Micro Channel, or EISA bus System BIOS including source, date and size, A listing of all known BIOS extensions in the system, and the size of those BIOS, Type of mouse installed, number of buttons, and interrupt used, Info on serial and parallel ports in system including base addresses and parameters of the port including IRQ, Type of Serial port UART chip including 16550 Complete information on any Network connection, Hard disk size including tracks, heads, sectors and CMOS type, Detailed Hard Disk Information, Complete Video info including chipset, memory, capabilities, and BIOS, Details on conventional, extended, and expanded memory, Benchmarks on system including CPU, video, and hard disks, It is more of a older style Da’os program, but it works well, and you can print out the whole summary of things you didn’t even know were in there! The registration fee for this shareware product is $29.00. For the $29.00 registration fee you will be sent a registered version of SysChk along with a free copy of the {Advanced Personal System's Deluxe Utility Disk} with a number of handy utilities including a menu system, an easy to use file viewer, a CMOS viewer, and lots more.

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Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider -

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