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Type of Program: HTML Editor
Support Platforms: Windows, Win95
Authors: Tashcom Software
Version: 2.1 build 23.0 16 bit
Price: 25.00
Installed size: 2.61 mb


If you are looking for a beginner HTML editor this program is definitely not for you. It is a text type editor comparable in looks to most of the current ones available. The version I ended up downloading only supported the older versions of Netscape and I.E. and not what they promised . The way the program is set up tends to be very confusing. There are layers upon layers of drop down menus in no specific order. I found it very difficult to find the tags or codes I needed, and once I found them I lost them again quickly. It took many minutes of searching to just find out how to set up the background colors and font. The help file is merely an htm file that you choose and took a minute to figure out. Be warned that as soon that as you open the program you can be faced with errors with the ini file. The only way I found to correct it was to resetup the preferences. The basic document tags were not automatically set up (i.e. head, body..) and had to be placed manually. You can however set up templated to do this and I recommend doing so.

It does have the ability to set up forms but you use a knob that is comparable to that of a radio dial and it rather cumbersome to work with in setting up the sizes, inserting an image uses the same method. I found no easy way to just type in image sizes and frame sizes outside of manually typing the information in. For the more advanced users who can look beyond the cumbersome layers of menu's there are some advanced features such as Java scripting and several types of wizards to make forms, indexes, thumbnails and text file converters. It also allows you to set up your own codes for personal use, making it a bit friendlier. All in all it is not too bad of a program but does require a lot of patience and a bit more advanced knowledge of how HTML works.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Barb Hyvarinen

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