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Teleport Pro

Type of Program:Offline browser
Supported Platforms:Windows 95/NT 4.0
Authors Name:Tennyson Maxwell
Installed Size:


I have to say that I am very impressed by this product. I have used several off line browsers before and I would say this one is the best. Maybe some of you have heard of Net Attache Pro, that is a good one. But to me Net Attache has some weaknesses. One is that it adds and renames the files and adds its own graphics. Teleport Pro does not do so. With Teleport Pro you can get a copy of the server's directory structure, get the files just like your browser would. Oh yes, it can also imitate your browser. It can introduce itself to a site as Netscape or IE or Teleport or anything. You can even specify the browser's version. You can also specify what type of files you want, maybe you just want to get the .gifs not the .jpgs, or just the .avis, you decide. You can also set Teleport to do a search on a site. Usage is quite simple, if you don't want to do any setting you can just use the project wizard, and you're ready. Of course this program comes equipped with all the features of common offline browsers such as a scheduler, auto updater etc, etc. Finally one important thing I must say about this program is the speed. Teleport can open up to 10 simultaneous connection and grab everything you want in a snap. Especially useful where internet connection is expensive, like where I live.

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Support : Their technical support answers emails
Promptly. reviewed by Eric Natanael

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