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Thirty Minute IQ Test

Type of Program: IQ TEST
Supported Platforms: Windows
Authors Name: Terry Wilkins
Version: Pre-release version
Installed Size: 55,541 bytes


If you have ever wondered how smart you are than you've just got to download this!!! It gives you 50 questions in multiple choice format and all you do is click on the correct answer. Once you finish all you do is click on a button and it will tabulate your IQ. The great part about this program is that children aged eight through fifteen
will have there scores re tabulated based on their age. So If you ever have an inkling that you might have a gifted child this will give you some solid proof that you do.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Lisa Cline

How can this program be purchased.
Send check to
Terry Wilkins
6112 Steeplechase Lane
Salt Lake City, UT

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