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Theme Hospital

Type of Program:Simulation Game
Supported Platforms:MS-DOS 5.0+ or Windows 95
Company Name:Bullfrog
Version:not stated
Price:demo free, full game around 40
Installed Size:22Mb (and that is just the demo!)


Bullfrog have gone to new heights with this follow up to Theme Park. The game involves equipping and running a hospital, building rooms, hiring and firing staff, researching drugs and diseases and a host of other factors. Altogether a complex and engrossing game. The demo has a tutorial, and a simplified version of the game which allows a limited amount of building and equipment with all other features grayed out. It took me about half an hour to complete the scenario of 20 cured patients, and left me wanting more! The controls and interface are very simple to use and understand, and the colourful, chirpy graphics are great fun and clear to see. The characters in the hospital all have personalities, and many factors combine to make them function properly, such as how rested they are, how well trained -and of course how well paid!

The demo itself is very simple, and will not take long, but it does give a taste of the game, and certainly made me want to buy it. The diseases are funny rather than distressing, and there is plenty of humour throughout the programme. One small point - in Britain we do not pay our hospitals for health care, it is hard at first to remember that the aim of the game is to make money!

Reviewers note: these scores are for the demo - I am saving up for the game!

User Friendly

Cost (demo) FREE!
Ease of Installation


(maddening lift music)

Reviewed by Sue Abbott
To purchase,go to any local game retailer

System requirements:
486DX2 66 8 Megs RAM
1 Meg VESA compliant SVGA (VLB or PCI) video card required 40mb of free HD space. MS or 100% compatible mouse driver MS-DOS 5.0+ or Windows 95

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