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Thumbs Plus 3.0

Type of Program: File Utilities, database-image viewer
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1 Windows 95
Company Name: Cerious Software
Price: $65
Installed Size: 2.7 MB
Main download site is : Other download sites link available there.

This is a very useful file managing program. Just like the name, it creates thumbnails for
files. For images it creates a real thumbnail of the image, while for other types of file it
uses the icons associated from windows explorer. The program covers a rather wide range of file
formats, most of them are image file format. It covers most of image file format (including
.dwg .wmf .cdr), also icon, animation, quicktime movies, mpg, wav files and documents and text
files. A wonderful feature is the ability to create thumbnails for true type fonts, and
installing them to your windows.

The thumbnails are stored in a database file with .tdb extension. Each database can be
customized individually. The customize option includes thumbnail size, cursor shape, toolbar,
tree views, what's shown on each thumbnail (file name, size, date), colors used, etc. The
setback with the database files is the size, the more files you have thumbnails for, the bigger
the database file. For example, I made a database for over 4000 images, and gets a tdb file of
23 MB. There are other things that affects the size of the tdb file.

T+ (as the company addresses it) also provides a simple editing tool for images. Like crop, resize, and rotate, but not paste. It also have autocrop and color correction. Saving edited image files will reveal additional qualities of this program. T+ provides a wide range of options for file savings, like file compression system from very common to unpopular compression system like JPEG and ZIP for tif. Before saving a jpeg file you get to see what the saved file will be, since there's a loss on jpeg compression. But if you edit a jpeg file and save it directly as the same file, the loss is smaller compared with other image viewers (including LViewPro, VuePrintPro, PolyView).
The only similar program I've encountered is Jasc Media Center, and Corel Multimedia Manager 6
but Corel is not shareware. Jasc Media Center can be used on Windows 3.1. But Jasc is much
slower on creating thumbnails. Not only that, the thumbnail database file is much bigger. Media
Center also doesn't support font viewing and thumbnailing. Converting image format with Media
Center is also not a recommended thing. Media Center is also less customizable. The advantage
Media Center has is that the thumbnail doesn't have to be sorted. Thumbnails here can be placed
in no particular order by dragging with the mouse.

Additional features of Thumbsplus:
Thumbnails autosort, assigning bitmaps as wallpaper and removing wallpaper, UUE decoding, fast image decompression, contact sheet creator, hi quality format converter, thumbnail export, automatic keyword assignment, thumbnail color depth selection, able to read large files, support gif transparencies, etc.

User Friendly
Cost (I'm not very objective about this part)
Ease of Installation
Support (help files and e-mail)
Purchase credit card, check

Reviewed by Eric R. Natanael


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