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TransSoft FTP Control

Type of Program: FTP Program
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: TransSoft Ltd
Version: 1.95
Price: $20
Installed Size: Not sure


TransSoft FTP control is a full featured FTP program. It has an Explorer like look and feel to make sending and receiving files easy to do. The main menu has buttons to Close FTP Control, Connect/Disconnect, Refresh, Large Icon, Small Icon, List, or Detail View of Files, Schedules, Start Schedule Transfers, Send or Retrieve Files to or from Server, Resume Upload or Download, Send or Retrieve Files in Background, Build remote folder tree, Delete Files, Rename Files, Create a New Folder and The Hat.

One feature of this program is it supports drag and drop which makes it easy to move, send, and receive files. You also have the background option which let you do the send/receive in the background as separate tasks which allows you to go on to another FTP site or to a different area in the same one while the files are being transferred. Another feature is if it isn't able to log on to the remote server it will prompt you to choose to retry once, indefinitely, or the number of times you choose. FTP Control also has a location line where you can enter a server address to connect to without creating a profile it also allows you to save them as a profile or to reuse them later.

The schedule wizard makes creating new scheduled downloads and uploads easy. It will queue them and keep trying if the upload or download fails. Last but not least is "The Hat" which is used to collect local and remote files. By clicking on "The Hat" later you can choose to retrieve or send them. TransSoft FTP has a 30 day evaluation period so you can check it out for yourself. Once installed you also have the automatic upgrade option so you can keep your program up to date. Registering gives you free upgrades for a year.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Zonia J. Heath

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