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TrayNote Plus

Type of Program: NotePad Utility
Supported Platforms: Window 95/ NT ( have not tried it)
Company/Author: AMF, Andrew Freeman
Version: 2.2
Price: $15


TrayNote Plus is exactly what it says, it’s a notepad plus many other features that sit in the System tray just waiting patiently for you to use it. It is Internet enabled, meaning that you can optimize it for your Internet Program and E-mail Program.

TrayNote Plus supports e-mail addresses, web page addresses, and phone/fax numbers in addition to standard notes. Simply jot down a note or address, and when you return later, just double-click on the address and the e-mail program or web browser loads with that address. It also supports a date/time stamp to make keeping track of notes even easier.

The program includes a calculator, run the phone dialer and even supports a DOS prompt! You can also search your notes to find special things. So there are many things that can be done with this handy little utility. If you are online lots like I am, you could definitely benefit with TrayNote Plus!

If you decide to register you will get benefits such as fast and easily accessible support, a registration number, no more nag screen, and an improvement in program performance.

TrayNote Plus requires MSVBVM50.DLL and it can be downloaded from the homepage.

The author of this program is a very helpful person. If you need to contact him he provides three different ways to do so!

CIS: amf1

User Friendly:


Ease of Installation:


Sound & Graphics: NA/Looks Nice!
Reviewed By: Martha Seward,

How to purchase or register:

1. Via CompuServe's electronic registration service (GO SWREG).
2. Via an 800 number with your credit card.
3. Via a Check, Money Order, or Cash, or Your Nation's Own Currency plus
20% for US $ conversion. 4. Or, You Can Also Order Directly via the World
Wide Web with your credit card!
When ordering by credit card, be sure to ask or write for: TrayNote Plus for Windows by AMF, ID #15074 This number is only needed for credit card orders.

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