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Type of Program:Database
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1
Company Name: System Software Technology Inc
Installed Size:300KB


Great for spying on Windows 3.1 applications that use ODBC.


1. SQL Capture utility records all SQL statements obtained during tracing and the elapsed time of the statement execution. This information can be exported in tab delimited as well as comma delimited (CSV) formats.
2. Detailed data source and driver information dialog. View the columns and Indexes for each table in a selected data source.
3. Launch the ODBC Administrator from within TracePlus/ODBC.
4. Recursion level displayed in square brackets next to task name.
5. Columns are indentified by name rather then by number.
6. The contents of each column in the result set are displayed in the SQLFetch/SQLExtendedFetch function displays.
7. Can save contents of the trace buffer to a file without previously specifying a file as a destination.
8. Append comments to a trace log while a trace is running.
9. Send your own formatted strings to the trace log via SSTPrintf()/SSTPrintfEx(). SSTPrintfEx() formats the string with the filename and line number prepended to the string.
10. Search for strings in the trace log from the Main Window. This facility previously existed only in the Details dialog box.
11. Import Trace logs from another copy of TracePlus/ODBC.
12. Export trace logs from a customer site to a file that can be imported
into another copy of TracePlus/ODBC running on your PC.
13. Manually enter application names for tracing.
14. Set TracePlus to remain "on top" of other applications while tracing.
15. Specify a "machine name" for the workstation where TracePlus is running. This is used to differentiate users when tracing multiple workstations by writing to the same log file on a network drive.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Trisha Phoon

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