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True Type RR Fonts and Icons

Type of Program: Graphic Railroad character fonts/symbols/trains/etc
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1, OS/2 and Mac
Company Name: Secret Sidewalk Software
Revision / Date: January 1996
Price: Various - depends on use $5.00 minimum per font
Installed Size: 15K to 85k
Downloaded: The Mac and IBM products are available from the same site.
By anonymous FTP at: in files/fonts/IBM
OR in files/fonts/Mac

You can now view and download the fonts over the World Wide Web. Take a ride on the Cyberspace Railroad, if you pass Go, collect $200. But more importantly, couple up to:
Benn Coifman - shareware author
ASUC Box 624 # 4510
Bancroft & Telegraph
Berkeley, CA 94720-4510 USA
e-mail address:

What can you say about fonts and icons ? In this case if you enjoy railroading and want to show off your stuff these fonts and icon packages are just for you. The fonts depict various pieces of rail equipment such as: steam locomotives, diesels, rolling stock, signs, signals, track layout and mush more. The 115 railroad icons for the MAC are fantastic. There are also traditional True Type fonts for your everyday use. Some fonts are actually flat cars and box cars with letters on them. They make real neat business cards and letterheads using you favorite word processor. Fonts are always being developed, updated and improved by the author, keep an eye out for new additions.

All fonts are available for the Mac and most are available for the IBM. ALL fonts can be converted for use with OS/2 using the font utility called PFM2AFM ( PFM2AFM.ZIP ) located on OS/2 BBS's or your favorite ftp/www site for OS/2 shareware / freeware.

NOTE: Mac users, you may have to de-BINHEX the files before you can
use them. Then, double click on the file cabinet icon and watch
the magic.

IBM users, you may have to de-UUENCODE (a.k.a. uudecode) the files. Then, find a copy of PKUNZIP (comes with PKZIP) and unzip the files the hard way.

User Friendly:

Reviewed by Andrew Gnoza

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