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 Typing Master

Type of Program: Touch Typing Trainer
Supported Platforms: Dos/Win
Company Name: TMProductions
Version: Free Demo
Price: $25 for full version
Installed Size: 1Mb


Typing Master 3.0 unzips and installs easily. The program places itself as MS-DOS Batch File. When you are ready to use the program, you will have a choice of three menus; studying, games or typing. The studying menu begins with the touch typing system which includes several exercises. The program remembers your status as you proceed through the lessons. It calculates the keys you have difficulty with. You can then perform exercises according to your own needs. The games menu allows you to play games that will improve your typing speed. The typing menu allows you to practice authentic typing. It includes error analysis. This is a good program for beginners and people who need to brush up on their typing. I found it easier to open the program either by typing "typing.bat" in the find menu or by going to windows explorer or my computer, and clicking on the default folder "1-1".

User Friendly:
Cost: Download free Demo Version.
Register for $25 US dollars
Ease of Installation:
Support: e-mail:
snail mail: TMProductions
PO Box 69
Fin-05801 Hyvinkaa
Reviewed by Terry O'Hara

Purchasing Info:
If you want the program with all the features, you must register it and pay for it. You will be sent a "Magic Key" which will enable all the program features. (We are not told what is missing)
Send $25 US dollars for Magic Key.
Send $10 US dollars additional if you need a registered version on diskette.
Send $5 US dollars additional if paying to their band account with a bank giro. Bank info is given on registration information page supplied with the demo version.
Send $13 US dollars additional if paying by check.
A registration form is included and can be sent by e-mail or snail mail.

Registration can be done with a credit card: They use two dealers,
RegNet and Albert's Ambry, both are registration services that work
on the internet. There is no extra fee when using credit card. Registration
can be easily done from their www-page at
This program can be registered through RegNet - The Registration Network.
RegNet can be reached on the World Wide Web at the following URL:
or by calling 1 800 WWW2REG (1 800 999-2734) or (801) 355-5110.

Ps. It is recommended to upgrade to their latest version 3.1, it's available
to all users for free from their www-page.

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