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Uninstall Manager

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Type of Program: Uninstaller
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: Nokta Software
Version: 1.2
Price: $10.00
Installed Size: 330K


Uninstall Manager is a program that you can use to make sure that a program you install is completely removed from your computer. Although most programs come with their own uninstaller these usually don't remove everything that was installed when you installed the program. With other uninstall programs most of the time you have to keep the uninstall program running in the background so it can monitor the installation before it can completely remove the installed program also taking up valuable system resources The first time you start Uninstall manager it scans your hard drive including the system files and makes a record of it. It is also a good idea to use uninstall manager's "Backup system files" too. Then close Uninstall manager. Now after you install or run a program open Uninstall manager then click "Check new additions" and it will show you all the changes installing or running the program made. The directories are listed on the left and the files are listed on the right. You can then Delete, Delete This program is great and simple to use if you want to immediately remove a program after installation. If you are like me and install several programs at a time and then have to leave them on your system (it takes time to review them) before you remove them it could get a little tricky for the novice user. The shareware version comes with a 30 day evaluation period.  

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Zonia J. Heath

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