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Type of Program : Internet Misc. Tools
Supported Platforms : Windows 95
Author's Name: Paul Gerhart
Version: 1.4
Price: $20.00 US
Installed Size : 131KB


URLegal allows you to check HTML source files residing on your PC for broken links and check for various user chosen link errors. Such a product is an invaluable tool and automates an otherwise tedious maintenance job. The program is easy to install and easy to set up. The user interface is smooth and intuitive. A help file is provided, but I found the menu options quite self explanatory. Read the help topics, however, since they contain among other items, important information about repairing bad links. When exiting the program a dialog window appears asking you whether you wish to register the software or not. Presumably, when you do, the dialog window will stop appearing.

You have to be careful to make the time-out values reasonable for the links you are testing. You might need to take into consideration your line speed and possibly connection environment when evaluating the severity of the errors found. I ran this program against a "graveyard" file which contained links that I already knew were broken. Under one direct network connection environment, the links timed out regardless of the time-out value. On a 28.8 dialup connection, with a time-out value of 6 seconds, I received some host response time-out failures. When I increased this value to 30 seconds, and made sure that all errors I wanted checked were set up, I received more predictable errors. I did receive an unexpected error "403- Forbidden" in another test for a link which I could easily access through my browser. If you have an HTML file with many links, keep in mind that in the worst case, the program could take a while to run. For a file I tested which had 184 links and a time-out value of 30 seconds, URLegal took 1 hour to run - (number of links * time-out value).

I found it convenient that once I had tested my links, I could retest the current set by selecting the "Re-test Failed Links" option. This helped weed out for me the probable broken links from ones for which no response was received within the time-out parameter. When I was satisfied that my HTML file was sufficiently tested, I checked the remaining problem links to see if they were accessible from within my browser. Although a few of the links proved to be active, the tool still saved me time which would otherwise have been spent manually checking the links.

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Reviewed By Marion Green

To Purchase: The software contains a registration form from the Help Topics Index option. You can then print it, fill it out and send it with your payment to the author at the address on the form.

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