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Various WordPerfect Utilities

Type of Program: WordPerfect utilities
Supported Platforms: DOS and Windows 3.1
Company Name:Science Translations Technical Writing Services
Price: $20.00 each
Installed Size: various


Science Translations Technical Writing Services has released new versions of GRAPHCAT and Letterhead Kit software for WordPerfect for DOS. Also released were two new upgrade packages, including a Windows version for the Letterhead kit, and Bookbild, a phamphlet publisher. All four packages contain macros, graphics and sample forms and templates for WordPerfect.

The author, Jerry Stern has developed these programs over the past several years and is a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals.

GRAPHCAT, now in version 3.2 gives WordPerfect 6.1 (DOS version) the ability to inventory a diskette or directory of graphics, and automatically create a catalog of every graphic image on the disk. The user selects the height for the graphics, and how many columns to print per page, and GRAPHCAT automatically finds, retrieves, sizes and labels the images. This version has the ability to read mixed graphic formats and distinguish them from text files on a disk.

The Letterhead kit, newly released as version 3.0 for either DOS or Windows versions of WordPerfect contain sets of macros, graphics and letterhead templates. Users can retrieve a letterhead in a few keystrokes, and add an invoice form or a FAX transmittal block. Thirty special message graphics can be selected from menus and added to the text. Even a scanned signature can be added by the macro, and a scanning service is available from the author for a small extra charge to registered users of either Letterhead kit. The DOS and Windows versions can share the same sub directory for graphics and blank forms.

Bookbild Phamphlet Publisher version 1.10 is a product for producing formatted one fold brochures, with pages laid out in correct sequence for printing. Bookbind converts the formatted booklet into pages ready for your printer, with each page positioned correctly for printing without paste-up.

Registered copies are available from the author at a cost of $20.00 for each title ordered.

ShareWare copies are avaiable for downloading from BBS's or on Delphi in the PC Wordprocessing area.

Jerry Stern can be reached at:

Telephone (410) 661-2224. (USA)
Mailing address is: P O Box 20234, Baltimore, MD. 21284-0234. U.S.A.

User Friendly:

Reviewed by Andy Gnoza

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