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Type of Program: Internet `live' Video player
Supported Platforms: Windows `95, NT 32 bit only
Company Name: VDONet Corporation
Review Version: v2.1
Cost: FREE
Installed Size: 268 kilobytes


By now you will have heard about `live' streaming Internet video? You may, or may not have actually watched any, so if you haven't then here is your chance. For those who have heard, then you too should read on and score yourself the best full color, 'live', broadcast quality audio and video software available. And it's FREE!

VDONet Corp are one of several software companies bringing this innovative technology to the Web. No longer do you have to wait ages and ages for a video file to download to your computer! VDOLive uses `streaming' software technology which allows the viewer to see and hear the action as it happens.

`Live' video opens up a fantastic new world of sights and sounds to countries widely scattered. Anyone on the planet can watch the NASA shuttle launch and then follow the mission daily until its conclusion. Previously only those with access to local U.S. cable or Satellite Television stations had the pleasure of watching NASA TV.

The interface of VDOLive couldn't be easier to operate. There are only a few controls to worry about. Most users after initially installing the VDOLive player will then only need to type in the address of the video source, or visit the source homepage and click on the appropriate buttons. This will automatically run the VDOLive player and you can sit back and watch the action.

VDONet Corp have conveniently set up a WWW page at their website with links to dozens and dozens of `live' video content broadcasters. There are many diverse and interesting companies now providing video from, NASA TV, racing, sports, and many others. The video quality is surprisingly good too. Considering that a high bandwidth television signal has been scrunched up and squeezed down such a small copper phone line! And its full color video, and has brilliant sound quality.

Beware of imitators though. There are now various companies offering `live' streaming video over the Internet and they all profess to provide the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread. But, VDOLive is FREE. The person who pays is the content provider when they purchase the VDONet Broadcast software and send live content out to us, the users. That has to be the bargain of the millennium!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Brent Stuart

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