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Type of Program: Multimedia Viewer/Still Image Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.11, 95 and NT
Company/Authors Name:Applied Insights, Lawrence Gozum
Price:$35.00 US or $45.00 CND
Installed Size:398KB


VidFun is a viewer/player, thumbnail manager, slideshow/screensaver, capture utility and graphics toolkit. It integrates as helper app for Web browsers (e.g., Netscape).It’s Explorer-style interface works even in Win31. Win95/NT features include long filenames w/ multiselect, 32-bit video/printing/GDI (graphics) ...

Aside from variable, Fit-to-Window previews, support includes FAST JPEG support plus MPEG, AVI, MOV, FLI/FLC, MIDI, WAV, CD music, BMP, DIB, CMP, KQP, PIC, MAC, Photo-CD, PICT, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, TGA, TIF, WPG and Multipage DCX/TIF fax files. Vidfun will not directly import or work with GIF files, however, GIF files can be opened in another application, then copied and pasted into Vidfun, if so desired.

Vidfun features Instant Multimedia Slideshows (or screensavers) with multi-track graphics/video/audio with 30+ effects, variable loops, speed, volume, gamma, randomization, size, position, background, delays and presentation controls.

COLOR printing includes different dithering styles.

Extensive image processing include: gamma, sharpen, variable unsharp mask, Shadow/Highlight stretching, smooth, histograms, color reduction and dithering, compute bitmap, RGB/CMYK/HSV/HLS tuning, edits (cut, paste, .01 deg. rotate, border, trim, resize. Vidfun is easier to use with your scanner than some scanning programs that come bundled with scanners.

Vidfun was easy to install and configure. During the installation procedure one is given the opportunity to chose file associations desired. Also, setup examines one’s computer and tells which drivers you need to get (if you don’t have them already installed). Applied Insight’s web site has these drivers, and one can download them from there.

The most valuable aspect of Vidfun lies in its image editing abilities. There is a very extensive array if image filters, which can be previewed easily before applying to an image. The user is given many choices for each filter. For example, not only can you emboss an image, you can emboss in eight different styles! All can be previewed before applying to the image. Color, brightness, contrast, etc., can all be manipulated easily, and in many ways. If the image looks unsatisfactory after changing it, there is an "undo" feature in the edit menu. The help file is extensive.

The price of $35 is not high, and I would buy Vidfun just for its image editing capabilities. Traveler’s checks, or bank checks should be sent by snail mail, and then a registration number is sent to the buyer by email.

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Reviewed by Marshall C. St. John

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