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V.I.P. Screen Saver

Type of program: Digital utility
Supported platforms: Win95
Company Name: R. I. Soft Systems
Cost: $24.95
Installed size: 1100 KB


This program utilizes your favorite photos and videos, using them as wallpaper, and as screen savers. You will manage a "portfolio" manager, which can add frames and mattes to your images, add new images to your screen saver, and add backgrounds to your videos. When you choose custom options, there is a dozen special effects which dictate how the images fade in and out, how long between images, and change the order that your photos will pop up.

As an unregistered program, V.I.P. has only 3 frames, 10 mattes, 1 video background, and you can only add 5 images. Once registered, you get more of everything, of course, and you can add up to 1000 images. Imagine 1000 of your favorite family photos, running as like a slide show. "Look Ma, no hands!"

When you register this program, they will either download to your web address a zip file; about 1.6 MB; or you can have it mailed to your "snail-mail" address for only $5.00 extra for shipping and handling.

So, have the most unique screen saver ever! Put those photos of Aunt Mary, when she got drunk on cooking sherry last Christmas, on your desktop as wall paper. Put those adorable baby pictures of your children, naked-on their tummy, as all parents have; put those up as a screen saver, and get even with your kids. But, be careful; don't put the office party pictures, as wallpaper, on your computer at work-the boss will notice!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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