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Web Ferret

Type of Program: WWW Search
Supported Platforms: Windows 95 /NT
Company: FerretSoft LLC
Version: 1.1
Installed Size: 892kb


Finding information on the World Wide Web is becoming increasingly more difficult due to the size of the Web and the rate at which its growing. You can use any one of the public search sites, like Yahoo or Lycos, but you need to log into these sites one at a time and carry out individual searches on each. If however, you use the Web Ferret you can search multiple sites simultaneously and from your desktop. Open the program and type in the keywords you want to search for, and click "Start Search", that's it, Web Ferret will access all search engines in its database, or those you have selected, and return the search results direct to your desktop. There are at present 13 search sites in the database, new sites are added to the program automatically. I have been using this program for a couple of weeks now. So far it has worked flawlessly and has found all data I have asked it to search for. All searches can be saved, and it will even work through a proxy server. I found the more sites I select to search the slower the program becomes, but it does do a much more thorough job of the search, normally half a dozen sites will find the information you are looking for, and with that number selected it is very fast. Once you find the results, you only need to click on the web page in the results window and select open from the menu, or double click the page and this will load your default browser and open the page you have selected. The program will discard any duplicate results on-the-fly and any results can be used immediately, no need to wait until the program has completed its search. There is a very good help file included, but the program is so easy to use you probably won't ever need to use it. The configuration options seem to have been kept to a minimum, you can select which sites you wish to search, and the number of search results you wish to see. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has the need, or even the wish, to find information on the Web. The ease of use, and speed of the searches, make this program a pleasure to use. All releases of WebFerret are FREE and may be redistributed without restriction, permission or limitation in it's original distribution archive.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Mike Lumsden

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