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 Visual Calendar Planner

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Type of Program: PIM, Calendar-Based Planner
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1/95/98/NT
Company Name: inKline Global, Inc.
Version: 4.3
Price: free to try/ $29.95
Installed size: 2.1M


So your schedule's gotten a little out of hand. Maybe you've outgrown sticky notes, but you don't need the full body armor of a high-end PIM either. If you're looking for a solid, but unintimidating, calendaring system for yourself or your workgroup, Visual Calendar Planner fills the bill. Its gives you a set of nimble cross-referencing daily/weekly/monthly calendars -- without the weight of heavy-duty features your current needs don't require. Why use a Bradley assault vehicle when a dune buggy suits you better?

There's no pretense about Visual Calendar Planner, and in fact there's a sense of fun in its good looks and practical feature-set. Its wallpaper functions let you keep your calendar posted on your Desktop --or shared Desktops -- without the program being open. Liven up your daily, weekly, monthly, and recurring entries with your own color schemes.

Visual Calendar Planner allows both visual and sound alarms for your critical reminders, and assignment of your choice of WAV or MIDI files is easily done. A simple text editor is incorporated to make your entries quickly typed and edited, allowing cut and paste, formatting, text attributes, and colors for highlighting your entries.

Multiple databases can be set up too. This is ideal for multi-users on a single computer and for letting you keep separate calendars for home, special projects, and various office schedules. If you're working in a LAN or user group, just select the network option to share your Visual Calendar Planner database with colleagues. It includes a network-lock function for individual user security.

Visual Calendar Planner has no unnecessary frills and absolutely no surprises. Install it, open it, and you're up and running -- no manuals or Help files are needed for you to be fluent and productive. (But it does include a good Help file.) All the advanced features this program does NOT possess merely contribute to its speed and friendliness. If you need brute micro-management power, go get your Bradley assault vehicle. Visual Calendar Planner is the dune buggy -- fast and fun, and does the job on very little fuel. Take it for a spin. It's free to try, fully functional, for 30 days. Support is offered to registered users..

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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