Vueprint 16bit

Vueprnt 16bit
Version 4.6
Revison 6/5/96
Size 353,697

I wasn`t as impressed with Vueprint as I was with Webimage,there were a few things that
deducted from an otherwise good program. Firstly, I could not find a resizer for the
thumbprints, they were more like thumbnails to my eyes. I could not tell what was on the
thumbprints, hence I went looking for a resizer. Next I found no slide adjusters when I brought
up an image,map or line drawings, so what I seen is what I got.Sorry, but not good enough.Some
JPG images I bought up were quite grainy while the GIF images were quite clear. To flip the
coin though,the maps and line drawings I bought up were very clear and Anaime.GIF was
absolutely beautiful.It do`es have an encoder and decoder which also give it some saving
grace.I found the installation was no trouble at all and the graphics acceptable to the eye. If
I had to choose between this program and Thumbsup or Webimage,I would go for Webimage
first,Vueprint would get 2nd only for the coding decoding system,with Thumbsup 3rd. BUT, you
make your own choice,thiis program may appeal to you over the others,or run differently on your

Tested On:

Pentium 75 Performance
16mg ram User friendly
Dos6.2.2 Installation
Win`3.1 Support

Reviewed by: John E Richards

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