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Vue Print Pro

Type of Program: Image viewer
Supported Platforms: Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups
Company Name:Hamrick Software
Main download site is :

 This is one of the good image viewers.
It covers a rather wide range of image format yet it's relatively fast and accurate. But image viewing isn't all this program can do. Vue print can also act as a sound player (wav & mid), movie player (avi & mov), screensaver, even a decoder (uudecode & base64) and an unzip utility.

With these multiple capabilities, Vue Print can help you make a better slideshow. You're not limited to just images, you can have sounds or songs while the images change. The slideshow allows you to show the images in random order.Even when slideshow is running, you can reverse the order of the slides.So you don't have to wait for images to cycle back.
Vue print also has this "on the spot" image adjustment. While an image is being viewed, you can adjust its contrast and brightness, without having to save the changed file.
Vue print can also set an image as the wallpaper. It converts the image into a bitmap (.bmp) file, then uses it as the wallpaper. It's very easy.

The bad thing about this program pops up when you want to save an image. You can't control the compression factor for compressed images like JPEGs. And sometimes you lose a lot of image quality if you convert formats.

Vue print is a small program. Installed size varies with the program version but it should take no more than 900 kB.

user friendly
Reviewed by Eric R. Natanael


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