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Web FerretPRO

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Type of Program: Internet Search
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: FerretSoft, LLC
Version: 2.6001
Price: free to try/$26.95
Installed size: 701K


Get fast, meaningful results to even your most complex search queries with Web FerretPRO, a powerful search tool that works with your web browser and integrates with your Windows file manager. Just press the Find command on your Windows Start Menu, select Web Pages, and a whole new dimension of searching power is yours.

You can search for page headers or entire pages; keywords or keyword strings, exact phrases; and use standard Boolean expressions. Ask for duplicate results to be removed, specify the number of results total, or even the number of results per search engine. Web FerretPRO currently harnesses 22 search engines, including 3 Veronica engines. I asked for some pretty offbeat things, and found my results highly relevant.

When you highlight one of the results in the Web FerretPRO window, you can select the Abstracts option, which gives you a brief summary of that page's content. The Abstract window can be sized to your desired dimensions. A double click on any result will launch the URL directly, without your having to drop, drag, cut, or paste into the browser address window. You'll save many steps, getting to many engines, and being given very precise destinations. If you're tired of getting lost on the byways of the Web while you're hunting something down, Web FerretPRO will definitely give you a more accurate and efficient road map to all the information out there.

Web FerretPRO is yours to try for 30 days, completely functional. This version 2.6001 is a beta, and a standard version with the same features will be available after April 30, 1998. For credit card orders, visit the product web site.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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