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Web Button Wiz

Type of Program: JAVA Programming Application
Supported Platforms: WIN95 IExplorer/Netscape
Company Name: Formula Graphics
Version: 1.01
Price: $29.95
Installed Size:839k


Wake up all you JAVA heads and get a hold of this program now! With Web Button Wiz you really will be jazzing up your Web site in a matter of minutes! This is a great program with this newest release and version. With it you can make just about anything your heart (or page), desires. Web Button Wiz works on BOTH Internet Explorer and Netscape without any hesitation. Web Button Wiz lets you create any number of button styles and behaviors, even drag and drop buttons! Web Button Wiz is perfect for web-site navigation, pop-up menus, rollover buttons, and special effects.

With Web Button Wiz you can add animated buttons and incorporate sound as well into any page. All with NO JAVA or HTML programming knowledge required! I have tried many, many programs that was suppose to do the same thing as this one and was right away very impressed. It's sooooo easy! The key to this program's success seems to be 2 small files and YOUR unlimited imagination!

Don't be left behind with dry, static Web pages any longer. Not only is this program small in size, it is fast, gives you most everything you need to liven up any Web page, and has great support for registered users! With the downloaded version you can design buttons and test them on your local hard drive but the program has to be registered for the buttons to work on a server. For the price, this program can't be beat! The company plans further updates which should only make Web Button Wiz even more popular! I can't wait for the updates to this already great [program.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by The King

To purchase this program, point your browser to: as they also have an on-line order form for credit card orders.

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