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Type of Program: WEBpage Search and Retreive
Supported Platforms: Windows '95, Windows NT V4.0
Version: 2.0 beta 2 (beta test version only)
Company Name: Quarterdeck Corporation
Installed Size: 5.83 Megabytes
Price: Unknown


Jumping from link to link and getting nowhere fast? Don't waste your valuable time and
money `surfing' aimlessly around the world wide web.

`Webcompass' is an increasingly necessary webtool for today's `Information Superhighway'.
Type in your favourite subject or topic, press the enter key, and `Webcompass'
returns minutes later with a full summary of hundreds of webpages.

The summary consists of the text from the original page, including the URL's.
The images are not downloaded however, but listed as a total. Those pages which suit your
needs can be visited immediately, or browse them while offline, and any that you feel are not
what you wanted, you delete from your `database'! You need never again visit any page that
you don't choose.

`Webcompass' achieves it's great retrieval speed by simultaneously interrogating all of its
internally listed search engines. And while search engines may come and go `Webcompass' gives
you the ability to add the address of new search engines, or remove those that may disappear,
or are not relevant to your searching requirements.

At the time of writing, 04 Apr '97, `WebCompass v2.0' only supports Netscape Navigator v3.0+,
and Microsoft Internet Explorer v3.0+. Visit Quarterdeck's homepage for details of their
current version.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Brent Stuart

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