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Type of Program: HTML Editor
Supported Platforms: Win 95/NT
Authors Name: Lincoln Beach Software
Version: V2.5 (32 Bit)
Price: $50 plus 3 for shipping or $99 for the Pro version
Installed Size: 954,233 Kb


I was fortunate enough to have evaluated a earlier version of FlexSite and at that time my comments were that this "is a very good Editor with features that allows it to compete with the best". Well this newer version is even better with even more features. What was nice is that the Lincoln Beach Software people were kind enough to give me a full version for this evaluation. Installation as per norm is straight forward and simple. Again everything is standard windows menu driven (top menu bar, button bars, etc.) and they have made it even more user friendly for those who are starting out or that have limited HTML experience. All the previous facilities are there but many new and more powerful features have been added. For example it now has Project Management (keep Web sites in their own directory), Table and Form wise guys, a Much improved and more powerful text editor, Internal viewer that supports image maps-color tables, Tabbed Notebook button bar with tons of features plus customizable buttons, a Text Rainbowizer and much, much more. Creating tables can be tedious but use the table wise guy and you will have a table created in a jiffy without having to write any code or use the right mouse button to activate the Project, Editor and Internal HTML viewer windows. There is even an internal Clipboard that appears to the right of the screen for saving text that you want to use at a later stage. To crown it all there is a licensed agreement to allow you to add a Safe Surf Rating to your page. With the many new features this has become one of the best HTML editors available. Again Help is extensive and easy with a Tip of the day feature. Help is also provided when using the Wise Guys. Note this was not a shareware version.

Performance: Plus
User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Billy Armstrong
You can Purchase the software online, Credit cards, checks, money orders are supported, here again visit their Website for special discounts. Their address is: Lincoln Beach Software, PO Box 1554, Ballwin, MO 63022-1554.

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