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Anawave WebSnake

Type of Program:Offline browser
Supported Platforms:WIN 95, Win NT
Company Name:Anawave
Installed Size:3.76Mb


Anawave’s WebSnake is an off-line browser, with a powerful and extensive range of dynamic tools

to use to bring the Internet to your desktop. With WebSnake you can download a complete website for off-line browsing, duplicate or mirror a website, build a site map of any webpages and search for specific keywords or file types.

The colourful, browser style interface is clean and uncluttered, and the programme is equipped with a series of Wizards to make each of the tools easy to use. To make matters even more painless, there are tutorials built in, and an extensive and understandable Help file.

The set-up and configuration are all automatic, it finds the right DUN and gets on with the job. WebSnake allows you to set limits on the size of a site download, so that is never takes more of your hard disc then you can spare. Having "snaked" a site you want to read at leisure, use the explorer type view on the WebSnake screen to click on the site, and your browser is launched. It is then exactly like being on the Internet - graphics in place, everything visible, and you can move effortlessly all around the downloaded site - with the phone line disconnected and no telephone charges at all. The site map is really useful to check out your own site, or the structure of another site you admire.

WebSnake gives an uninstall option through the Control Panel, runs without a hitch under Windows95, and is a really outstanding piece of software.

WebSnake is fully functioning shareware, but a nag screen counts down the thirty days you have to review it.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
(I am not supposed to give marks for graphics when the program is not a game, but that snake is so CUTE!!)
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

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