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Web Promotion Spider

Type of Program:Web site promotional tool
Supported Platforms:Win 95
Company Name:Millennium
Price:$49.95 or $99.90 for the Pro version
Installed Size:10.88Mb


Having created a company or personal web site, the hard work of marketing and promoting it begins. Life is MUCH easier if you use the Web Promotion Spider. The program loads very easily and opens a set of tabbed dialogues. Each one asks for information about your site such as key words and a descriptive paragraph. One lists over 250 search engines and all their categories so you can chose each one if you wish to or accept the default.

Web Promotional Spider will take the information you give it, and then race around the Internet entering your site opening page URL and all the detail you gave it on to over 250 search engines. It is incredibly fast, in less than two minutes on line it had registered my site in five search engines and provided me with a neat report on what it had said about me!

The manual provided includes a long list of excellent hints and tips to aid promotion, which are also available on the company web site. The shareware will promote to five random engines only - although I must say I was very pleased with the five it gave me, HotBot, Lycos, Excite, Alta Vista and Infoseek. Either I was lucky or the Spider was in a good mood as they are all very important search engines. And it would have taken me ages to do each one myself!

The normal version will register with 250 engines. It will also produce five mirror versions of your page and register those, to increase the chances of being selected in a search. The Pro version will do all that, plus register with an extra fifty sites, and perhaps most valuable of all - it will register EVERY page on the site with each engine. If like me you have separate sections of dissimilar themes this is a great way to promote them, and for a company with many different products or services it would be a marvelous aid to ensuring your potential customer finds the right part of your site in any searches. As new engines come and old ones go, Millennium provide an update every two weeks to keep the software bang up to date. The web site also has extensive technical support available for registered users.

A touch of real quality that I greatly appreciated was the uninstall programme that comes with the Spider. It is very considerate, a lot of shareware uninstall routines are very poor as there is no profit in them, the one with the Spider was very thorough right down to odd little files buried in windows/system, and all the Registry entries. This really illustrated the high standards of the product designers.

At nearly fifty dollars for the normal version, and nearly a hundred for the Pro it is too expensive an option for a "vanity publishing" home page. (like mine for example!) For a web designer with more than one site to promote, a self employed expert selling a service such as shareware or any company site selling a product, it is invaluable and will more than pay for itself the first time you use it.

As a footnote - I went and checked my site in the five search engines a week after using the Spider and sure enough there it was - near the top of the list in each case. Excellent service!

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Sue Abbott
To purchase,go to the web site and order by email, pay by any major credit card or cheque and receive the appropriate registration code and free updates every two weeks. You can also use the built in order form in the
software -it even encrypts your credit card number for you.

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