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WebTrends Professional Suite

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Type of Program: Web Management Tools
Supported Platforms: Win 95/NT
Company Name:WebTrends
Price: $299 - $499
Installed Size: 29Mb


The installation of this program is simple and painless. It comes with a 228 page manual, a real rarity these days no matter how much the programs seem to cost. The manual was not needed for the install or for the log analysis I immediately performed. The visual layout and interface are functional and pleasing to the eye.

Boy was I amazed! This program took all 5 megabytes of that log ate 'em up and spit out the most detailed, attractive and useful web stats I have ever seen. (It took ten minutes to digest and spit.) Not only does it show you the most visited pages, but those least visited. Here are a few of the tidbits you can glean with this program, top entry pages, top exit pages, visitors by country, by region, by domain, Single Access Pages, (his section identifies the pages on your Web site that visitors access and exit without viewing any other page). Also summaries of activity by all kinds of yardsticks, by day, hour and city. Even all robots, spiders, crawlers and search services. The report generated can be customized by the user to meet their needs.

It will also check your links, and it can be used on an Intranet and do log proxy analysis.

In conclusion, it may be pricey, but if you are a professional needing a professional tool, look no further. I heartily recommend it.

The WebTrends people offer the WebTrends Log Analyzer for $299, the WebTrends Professional Suite, Web Log Analyzer, Proxy Analyzer & Link Analyzer in one for $499. Both of these are available at their web site for a 14 day free trial. They also have WebTrends Enterprise Suite, All the features of the WebTrends Professional Suite + the option to store analysis databases in SQL 6.5, Oracle 7/8 and other high-end Database Servers, this goes for $1499.

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Reviewed by O' Henry

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