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Web Wizard v1.2

Type of Program: HTML Editor (shareware)
Company Name: ARTA Software Group
Price: 10 US Dollars
Installed size: 463872 bytes
Supported Platforms: Win95,Win3
Web Page:

When you start to learn HTML it's easy to become bored with the manuals and definitions. Learning by example is what is needed. Web Wizard takes

you through the making of your first HTML page. Each page of its wizard style layout introduces a new type of item to add, title and sub-title first, followed by background image/colour, followed by pictures, and so on. At the end you specify a file name and there you have your HTML page. Obviously the page is a little on the boring side, but reading through the HTML shows you how to construct each type of item. Also there are helpful comments for enhancing the page further.

Once you've learnt the basics Web Wizard becomes defunct, it's basic web pages being too dull even for newbies. Nice ideas but not worth keeping.

Performance: 2 Stars
User Friendly:
Cost: 1 Star
Ease of Installation: 5 Stars
Support: ?
Purchasing: Send money to author

Reviewed by Andrew Duke


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