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Wind Chimes

Type of Program:Sound Utility
Supported Platforms:Win 95/NT
Company Name:Syntrillium Software
Installed Size:316K
Download Size:251K


 Wind Chimes is a utility that sits in your task tray and plays soothing music that simulates
wind chimes via your sound card's built-in MIDI synthesizer. You don't need a fancy Wave-table
sound card to appreciate it, it works perfectly well on my old Sound Blaster. You can adjust
variables like Pendulum configuration and arrangement in addition to wind speed. You can also
change the instruments and the individual volume on each MIDI channel to get the effect you
want , however with over 40 presets to suit your mood and tastes, it is unlikely you need to
configure it much.

Wind Chimes also interfaces with the Kaleidoscope 95 screensaver (review coming up soon) and if
the latter is registered for audio-feedback, the patterns generated by the screensaver will be
in sync with the chimes and sometimes the effect is breathtaking.

Although not an essential tool in your application toolkit, Wind Chimes could be a breath of
fresh air (pun intended) when you need to relax while at work.

Note to NT users : If you uninstall Wind Chimes while logged on as a different account from the
one you used to install, the registry settings can get garbled and cause NT to hang everytime
you log off. To solve this problem , run Microsoft RegClean and restart.

You can purchase it online using your credit card by pointing your browser to

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Reviewed by Stephen Chen

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