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Windows Commander


Type of Program: File Manager
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.X Windows '95
Authors Name: Christian Ghisler
Version: 3.02
Price:$ 36,-
Installed Size: 1,5 Mb


Win Commander is a dual window File Manager, much like Norton Commander.

Once it’s configured correctly, it’s the only application you’ll need to manipulate files. The evaluation copy has as an "extra click delay", but that should not bother you for too long, since it’s well worth the registration fee!

A few features:

Just try it, and you’ll love it!

Of all Windows Explorer replacements that I’ve tried, this is the best by far.

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Marco Holst

A registered version of Windows Commander can only be purchased by filling out the order form, which you can
find in the HELP menu, under REGISTRATION INFO

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