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Windows Lock

Type of Program: Security
Supported Platform:Microsoft Windows
Company Name: Posum
Price:$5 or $30
Installed Size:40k


I have just tried Windows Lock and I found it to be a great program. It has excellent program help and documentation. It also tells you how to set restrictions for anything in your windows environment. The only flaw in it is that the program must be registered, or it gives your secret password to anyone.

User Friendliness
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Charles Hoffmeyer

Registration cost is $5 for a single site or $30 for up to 30 worksites. They take Cash or Check. Send to Stephen A. Jernigan, PO Box 21015, Huntsville AL 35824, USA. They ask you to send your name, Address, E-mail address, Product name, and version #. Questions can be sent to:

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